Meeting Facilitation


What we do:

We act as the dynamic catalysts of your meeting. We work to focus the energy of your group on a common task and suggest alternative methods and procedures to keep your team from getting stuck. We actively work to protect individuals and their ideas from attack, encourage participants, and help the group find win/win solutions.

“The SF Community leadership conference was a meaningful and motivational experience for all the participants and it wouldn’t have been possible without Paragon Strategies tremendous support.”
                            Yulve C.   LEAP

Our Process:

  1. Initial consultation and needs assessment with the stake holders.
  2. We provide a proposal to you based on your needs and offer you different options and methodologies for approaching our work together.
  3. Data collection and modification. We work with you prior to the meeting to continue assessing your specific needs and modify initial proposals as needed.
  4. During the event, we work closely with you to ensure that the process is meeting your expectations and make real time changes as necessary.
  5. Follow  up. We provide deliverables in a quick turnaround time.

“Quick turn around, investing time in customizing the program to fit our objectives… their meeting facilitation brought us to a clear shared group vision while the team building games allowed us to learn more about each other… It was fun and we walked away with a strategic plan that we are all agreeable to.”                     Steven Goh – mig33


  1. Help clarifying the goals and outcomes for your session so that they are clear, concise, meaningful and achievable.
  2. Develop a proposed agenda for the meeting using the facilitation tools that are best suited to your goals and your situation.
  3. Design the meeting to maximize participation, energy level, creativity and retention.
  4. Provide a facilitator for the session so that everyone on your team can participate fully.
  5. Facilitate the session to keep your team on track.
  6. Document the meeting so that key discussions and action plans are captured.
  7. Follow up with you and key stake holders after the session to ensure actions are taken, and key decisions are tracked.

Retreats and Off-Sites are the perfect opportunity to get away from the all-consuming day-to-day pressures of the office and to focus on the real work of the senior management team. If is time for you to:

  1. Clarify your corporate visions
  2. Identify the barriers to your growth
  3. Assess your strengths and the competitive environment
  4. Discuss strategy
  5. Make key decisions
  6. Set your priorities
  7. Establish actions plans.

Example of some of the facilitation we have completed to success.

  • Annual Meetings
  • Departmental Meetings
  • Facilitating Conflicts to Success
  • Board Retreats
  • Sales Meeting
  • Retreats
  • C-Level: Visions & Mission Meetings

“I asked Paragon Strategies to facilitate a Strategic Action Planning session for our board and was amazed with the amount of work we accomplished in one day. Their processes were creative, lively and efficient. They enabled this diverse to to actually start acting with a keen focus, to share information, collaborate on projects and generally revive the spirit of the organization.”
                Jean M. SF American Marketing Association

For more information about our Strategic Meeting Facilitation please contact: Jerry Ervin 415-310-9894