About Us

Always fun and never too serious, Jerry Ervin is the bouncing ball of energy behind Paragon Strategies. As founder and President of the company, his primary responsibilities include business development, strategic partnership, program creation and making everyone happy. Prior to creating Paragon Strategies, Jerry had spent 13 years in advertising business development where he formulated and executed successful marketing programs for dot.com businesses.

A passionate and an exceptional presenter, Jerry has been asked to speak at numerous events for large and small organizations alike across the nation. He has given outstanding lectures, seminars and workshops for countless organizations in the United States, ranging from the San Francisco Small Business Development Center to large corporations that include Wells Fargo, Organic and Southwest Airlines.

Driven by a desire to help organizations and individuals reach their highest potential, Jerry is a skilled trainer, coach and consultant. As a widely-sought after trainer, he makes sure that his customized instructional style is always a dynamic fusion of fun, theory and experiential learning – the key elements that guide the philosophy of Paragon Strategies. As a keenly perceptive executive coach, he is adept at guiding professionals in overcoming behavioral barriers by carefully examining and challenging the assumptions that underlie their behavior. As a consultant, he draws on his extensive industry experience to analyze existing business problems and assist companies in developing sound business plans that are designed to amplify the bottom-line.

“Thank you so much for training our team yesterday. I have never heard such positive feedback from so many people after any of our training sessions.”
                                                    Kim D., Southwest Airlines

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Jerry Ervin 415-310-9894