Business Writing 1: Building on the Basics

Business professionals who want to build more productive relationships with supervisors, colleagues and clients will enjoy a workshop that improves their written communication skills. Learn how to complete the transition from academic to business writing, edit overly familiar work with fresh eyes, and get faster e-mail replies.
These are among the topics we will cover:
  1. How to quickly distill the main point
  2. When to slow down in order to speed up
  3. The four types of email readers and how to write one email that works for all
  4. How to structure written communications to best respect readers' time
  5. Why proofreading is hard and what to do about it.
At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  1. Distill the main points
  2. Slow down in the right places in order to speed up overall
  3. Write a single email that works for all the four classic e-mail-reading personality types
  4. Structure reports and other written communications to best respect readers' time
  5. Work around the natural brain circuitry that makes everyone a bad proofreader
Who Should Attend:
  • Entry-level professionals
  • Recent college graduates and interns
  • PR/Advertising/Marketing communication firms
  • Professionals newly responsible for more writing
  • Any professionals who want to sharpen their writing skills
Length of training program: Half Day 9 am - 1 pm: Bonus: Half Hour Writing Coaching
Date: May 27, 2015 - Wednesday
Investment: $597 - Register by May 15 and save $100: Pay on $497 which includes Half Hour Writing Coaching; a $200 value
Register today: Class is limited to 10
This class is available for in house training. Please contact Jerry Ervin at

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