Crowne Plaza & Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts

The Strategic Results Forum blew our team away! We identified 26 new markets to tap into, helped facilitate solutions to human resources issues and identified strong team members to help establish best practices for our sales efforts. In one day, our team was re-energized, re-focused and ready to steal market share in a very competitive market. We even had a 17-year veteran say it was the best use of her time since she started working for the company! If you need your team to work together to create realistic, actionable sales plans that they will personally own, then you need to hire Paragon Strategies and spend a day in their Strategic Results Forum - your team will thank you for it.

Joey DeLeon
Assistant Sales Manager
Holiday Inns & Crowne Plaza Hotels

You surely exceeded everyone's expectations! You have a unique model and we applaud your hard work. You will be hearing from us soon about taking this program to a broader audience within our company.

Greg Martinez
Area Director of Sales & Marketing
San Francisco Bay Hotel Collection

Engage PR Public Relations

We use the [Champion Communicators] Social Styles in our agency every day to be more effective internally and help improve our relationships with clients and the media. Paragon Strategies has a unique understanding of what agencies need to succeed and the pressures we face, and they incorporate that into their training. I highly recommend them to other PR agencies!

Molly M. Miller, Principal
Engage PR, Alameda, CA

GIS Planning

Thanks a lot for working through the budget questions role-playing with me. So you know, I made the call right after our conversation and it went almost exactly as you and I had played it out. After overcoming his initial objections to the budget discussion (using exactly the same "lines" you used with me) I was able to find out that they need to keep it from going to RFP.

Mario Ubalde
Senior Account Manager

Horn Group Public Relations

Horn Group San Francisco has benefited greatly from the expertise of Paragon Strategies.

I highly recommend their Champion Manager and Champion Communicator training programs. My team members gave feedback that these programs were helpful in improving internal and external communications and would impact their jobs positively.

Katie Huang Shin, Managing Director
Horn Group Inc.

Team Building is critical in any organization and when you want it done with care, attention to detail and to achieve your specific goals, I highly recommend Paragon Strategies.

At Horn Group, we planned a company-wide retreat to review progress and plan for the coming year. Paragon Strategies helped us develop a tightly-integrated team-building session that allowed all members of our company's geographically dispersed offices to meet each other, learn about each others' skills and talents, and also have fun in the process. They combined our theme within their exercises so that the message and goal of this program and mentioned that it was a highlight of their experience.

The next time you need a great team-building program, call Paragon Strategies.

Lisa Azizian
Human Resource Manager

Manning Selvage & Lee

I loved the Champion Communicator training! The group learned a lot and had fun in the process. The trainer's style was a great fit for our team.

Leah Davis
Management Supervisor

The Mark Company

You have played an instrumental role in the growth of the company and the success of my own position. The programs your company provides are a valuable tool in our future success, and I look forward to a continued successful relationship.

Jim Jacobson
Senior Vice-President, Sales & Marketing
The Mark Company

Office Depot's Web Cafe

Coop and Jerry Ervin delivered an exceptional presentation for Office Depot's Web Cafe. The information given was extremely relevant and useful to our small business audience. In fact, their presentation drew in the highest number of attendees in Web Cafe's history. I am grateful that they have offered to be a future resource for Office Depot's Web Cafe. They were a pleasure to work with.

Brittany Allbright
Marketing & Client Relationship Manager
Impression Impact, producers of Office Depot's Web Cafe

San Francisco Business Times

"The Do's and Don'ts of Selling by Phone" is a great training program for any inbound or outbound sales or customer service team. My staff corrected their own errors, learned how to build rapport that increased sales, created stronger, more compelling sales messages and developed scripts to easily handle objections.

My team was so eager to get back to their desks to start using what they learned - some even made calls during their break to test their new knowledge and skills. That's music to any sales manager's ears!

If you want to sell more - whether it's by phone or in person - you should hire Paragon Strategies to work with your team.

Emily Mayhill
Director of Circulation and Marketing
San Francisco Business Times

Working with Paragon Strategies made me feel comfortable selling my product. I was able to talk to people feeling like I wasn't being too pushy and my sales skyrocketed.

Brooke Redcay
San Francisco Business Times
Circulation Marketing Assistant

Southwest Airlines

The Champion Communicator training is an eye opener! I realized that I'm missing potential sales by not communicating in a way that others will receive well.

Kim Domerofski
Marketing Manager

The Champion Communicator training was succinct, clear and applicable on a daily basis; in a personal and professional environment.

Mona Hernandez
District Marketing Manager


New Manager Academy

Very informative, insightful. This is a great seminar for people who are used to traditional management styles. Once you determine the social style of your co-workers, you can be a very effective manager. I wish I had this type of training early on in my career.
Bernadette Albrecht

Human Resource Manager
Eastwick Communications
Redwood City, CA

The seminar offered me a wealth of valuable information for my daily work. All the instructors showed a depth of knowledge and shared it in a practical, concrete and friendly manner.

Erin Krolak
Project Coordinator
Phillippe Becker Design Inc.
San Francisco, CA

Everything flowed really well, the presentation is strong yet not demanding to make you feel like you have not been a good manager up to that point. This allows you to take what is said and use it instead of being defensive. It was a pleasure.

Erin McCabe
Eastwick Communications
Redwood City, CA

Managing Multiple Priorities & Time

I was in your class a few weeks ago. I just wanted to tell you that I was very inspired by how you keep your life together using time management and goal planning. I have to say that for the first time in my life I am sticking to a plan and have actually gotten more done in the past 3 weeks than I have since the beginning of the year. It's AMAZING! I've been getting smaller goals toward my larger goal achieved and not beating myself up if I don't get everything on the list done.

What's more is that as I listened to you talk about what makes you happy (race events) I decided that may also might help me stay focused and have an activity to look forward to so I joined the Team in Training for the Nike Half Marathon in October. I seriously doubt that I would ever have done if not for the motivation I got from your class.
Thank you so much!

Julie Osborne
San Francisco, CA

I just wanted to touch base with you, and let you know that I REALLY enjoyed the class on Time Management. It was so funny that so many of us were late.

I bought, on my way home, a notebook and an egg-timer. I used it yesterday and actually got to a meeting EARLY! And I have set up my notebook the way that you demonstrated yours, and it's VERY cool - I actually caught myself taking a deep breath last night because everything I normally try to hold in my head was ON PAPER and scheduled and out of my brain! Too much.

The egg-timer I got is digital and has a clip you can attach to your pocket. I've carried it around, and when I start to do something that I might normally get lost in, I set it and it helps! Such a great idea, and I loved the class. You teach very well - you are personable and knowledgeable! Your style is very open and warm. It was neat to be in such an interactive (and safe) environment.

Thanks again!

Gail S. Green
San Francisco, CA

Selling Savvy: Selling Smarter, Not Harder

Paragon Strategies and their Selling Savvy workshops have helped me develop my sales acumen and learn to actually enjoy the selling process. The Magnetic Message I developed during the Selling Savvy workshop has had a tremendous impact in my ability to communicate what I do and have the person with whom I’m speaking not only get it, but also understand how they can use my services. Many times, the prospect has been the one who is coming up with ideas and telling me how my business can help them.

Diane Glazman, principal
Ink Communications
Brisbane, CA

Out of all of the seminars and workshop that I have attended during the development of my business, the advice provided to me by Jerry through his sales effectiveness presentation was by far, the single, most valuable knowledge that I have yet to receive.

Coming from the world of MBAs, I have tapped many of my friends and peers for advice on topics ranging from marketing to financial planning to strategic positioning. While I am grateful for their contributions, I must say that none of my fellow "MBAers" provided me what I really needed! In just under one hour, Jerry granted the actionable advice that I needed to hear to ramp up my start-up business and move into much more viable segment of the business.

I would not only recommend Jerry and Paragon Strategies but eagerly look forward to my next opportunity to take his course and uncover new ways to grow my business!

Fabienne D. Rodet
San Francisco, CA

Thanks so much for the fantastic sales strategies you shared last evening.
What makes your classes so great is that you have tangible, workable strategies we can make a part of our daily habits. For example, after attending the Time Management class, I bought an egg timer and use it all the time. Hourly, to be exact. There's a half a dozen things from last night's class that I'm going to implement as well.

I've only been doing the freelance writing thing since last October and while business is going very well, I feel like I have so much to learn. Your classes are helping tremendously, and providing me with ideas and ways of thinking that I would've never considered if I hadn't attended your class.
Any advice or direction for my career is always GREATLY appreciated. Thanks
so much.

All my best.

Pete Fulford
San Francisco, CA

My definition of a first-rate speaker is one who is easy to listen to, witty, and very wise. The eyes of my students told me how interesting you were; you had their full attention. The students also told me how much they enjoyed your presentation of the "selling cycle," giving details of each step and making sure they understood it by asking them questions relating it to their field of Image Consulting. As their instructor I was please to see you challenging them to think.

By the number of students I saw taking notes while you spoke I'm certain that none of them felt they were being lectured to about Selling Skills. I could tell they felt that something really important and useful was being said and they wanted to capture it in writing.

Thank you again for another enjoyable evening. I know how busy you are and to be willing to sacrifice time with us is truly a blessing. I'm so grateful that year after year you have always made it a point to speak to my Image Consulting class inspiring them to develop "selling savvy."


Kelly K. Armstrong
Image Consulting Instructor
City College of San Francisco