As mandated by California law, supervisors must receive sexual harassment prevention training once every two years, whereas new supervisors must be trained within six months of becoming new supervisors. Such training is of utmost importance, since the impact of sexual harassment on businesses is tremendously significant. Studies show that the average cost to defend and pay out on a sexual harassment claim in California exceeds $300,000 and the average jury verdict exceeds $1,000,000.

We provide our clients the mandatory AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention training that focuses on:
1. Identifying conduct that constitutes harassment and discrimination
2. Learning how to effectively respond
3. Recognizing retaliatory behavior and how to prevent it
4. Understanding the impact of harassment on the individual and organizational level

Who Should Attend:
1. Executives
2. Managers and Supervisors
3. Formal and Informal Leaders
4. Professionals

Length of Training Program:

Corporate Program:
For more information as to how you can bring this program in-house , please contact us.