Designed to provide more accurate, reliable and credible information than traditional evaluation systems, 360 Degree Assessment is a multi-source assessment approach used for formal appraisal and other developmental purposes. By combining self-assessment with information gathered from subordinates, peers and managers in the organizational hierarchy, 360 Degree Assessment provides a complete, insightful and honest evaluation that is vital in improving both organizational and individual performance. Studies have shown that utilizing 360 Degree Assessments can influence a positive economic impact, increase employee engagement and reduce employee turnover.

By utilizing 360 Degree Assessment for your organization, you will be able to:

1. Promote a culture that encourages open communication,
__honest feedback and continuous improvement
2. Gain new and valuable insights regarding organizational
3. Identify key areas for growth, training and development
4. Obtain a clearer picture of your employees’ real worth
5. Expand your knowledge of strengths that can be used to
__the organization’s best advantage
6. Gain an increased awareness of how employees impact
__each other – positively and negatively
7. Take advantage of under-utilized personnel strengths to
__increase productivity
8. Design more efficient coaching and training initiatives

The Key Uses of 360 Degree Assessment:
1. Leadership Development
2. Individual Skill Development
3. Team Development
4. Sales Development